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    Warning: HP ProCurve switches, and number of sFlows + PCM

      Just wanted to warn others about a potential "gotcha" with HP switches.

      Only certain HP switches support sFlow.

      Only certain HP switches support 3 sFlows. (Or more than 1 sFlow)


      If you have PCM (ProCurve Manager, the HP software for managing switches) it "assigns" the first sFlow collector to itself via SNMP read/write. That means if you have a switch capable of only _one_ sFlow, then you cannot setup another sFlow destination to Solarwinds NTA.

      So for e.g. An HP 3500 switch will be fine, it has 3 sFlows configurable. 1 for PCM, and 1 for SolarWinds NTA

      If for e.g. you have an HP 2610, the switch will be manageable by PCM, but you won't get stats to NTA.




      Also, asking HP for this information has been a comical experience. Surely the number of sFlows per switch is in a spreadsheet somewhere? I've been waiting now for 2 months to get this info. On their website I can find some answers, but not for every device. Very frustrating for customers. Even via HP pre-sales techies, and our reseller its all proving to be rather painful. If I ever get an answer I will post back to the forum.