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    Filtered Events addon breaks v10.  How can I fix it?

      I have a filtered events add on I was using under 9.5.1.  When I login to the web interface I immediately get teh below.  How can I fix it, or at least remove the Events Filter addon so I can at least log in.  Thanks!

      The Orion website is currently unable to display this page. Orion polling and alerting services often continue running, though this page cannot be displayed. Please take the following steps to attempt to alleviate the issue:

      1. Log in to the website again and navigate to another Orion page, allowing you to isolate the error to this page.
      2. Ensure the Orion services are still running.
      3. Check that your SQL Server is still running and accessible.

      Please notify SolarWinds of this error. We will address and help you fix the issue.

      Your specfic error is:

      c:\inetpub\SolarWinds\Orion\Controls\EventsReportControlFilter.ascx.cs(40): error CS0103: The name 'EventsWebDAL' does not exist in the current context