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    Better Additional Web Server Integration


      As a feature request I would like to see overall better integration with the Additional Web Servers.  I have found that for several things I have to manually touch each of my additional web servers to make them acknowledge changes.  I would like to see those systems more integrated to reduce and preferable eliminate the need to individually update them when I make updates or changes to my system.  I have provided a few examples below...

      • When I update the logo, I have to manually add the new logo file to each additional web server
      • When I add new reports that are web accessible I need to manually add the report file to each additional web server
      • The additional web servers don't display the additional syslog fields I can make available on the core system without a work-around
      • When I add new custom properties I need to manually sync each of my additional web servers

      In my environment we specifically use two additional web servers combined with Windows Load Balancing between the two for redundancy, scalability, and security.  Having these systems be more integrated into the overall solution would be very much appreciated!  = )