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    Scheduling recurring unmanage nodes and interfaces



      As a standalone component with 10.0 we will also put out a stand alone tool to schedule unmanaging nodes or interfaces.

      What you can do with the Schedule Unmanage Utility:

      • Create a task to unmanage Orion® nodes and interfaces for a custom period of time. An unmanage task can be scheduled to run on a schedule.
      • Edit existing tasks to add or delete Orion objects or adjust the time period.
      • Why use this utility? If you have routine scheduled maintenance that happens once a week, you can have an unmanage task that runs at the same time. Selected Orion objects will be unmanaged and you won't receive alerts from them during this period of maintenance.
      If you have the 10.0 RC and you are interested in checking this out, send me a note and I will send you the download link.