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    Netflow configurator on a Cisco 2821 router running IOS 12.4T


      I'm trying to use the Netflow Configurator on a cisco 2821 router running IOS 12.4T. SNMPv3 and Netflow are configured on the router as follows:


      snmp-server group admin v3 auth read my_view write my_view
      snmp-server user user1 admin v3 auth md5 hello1234
      snmp-server view my_view internet included


      ip flow-export destination 2055
      ip flow-export version 5
      int fa0/3/0
      ip flow egress
      ip flow ingress

      The credential test for SNMPv3 read/write access passed.

      However, the Netflow configurator is generating the following error message:

      "The device you specified does not allow the configuration of Netflow support, ports, ingress, and egress interfaces through SNMP"

      Could you tell me what is missing in the router configuration?

      Thank you for your assistance.