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    Monitoring exchange mail queue

      I am trying to find a way to actively monitor the SMTP mail queue on our 2003 exchange server so that I can actually see the queue size. I have added the Exchange Server 2000/2003 monitor and am using it to monitor the SMTP remote queue. When I run a verfiy on this it returns the correct value that is listed in Exchange System Manager.

      Unfortunately this seems to be the only place where I can actually use IPMonitor to view the queue size. Everything else just seems to say if it is up or down, not the actual number of mails in the queue. Is there any way of having an active monitor for this?



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          Hi sbaker,

          At this time there is no other way to gather this value.  The ability to pass the values from the SQL Server and Exchange Server Monitors to Alerts and Reports is something that is requested more and more frequently and is being considered for implementation in a future version.


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