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    Viewing F5 Virtual servers as Interfaces ?


      Hi Thwack Community,

      Is it possible with Orion NPM to view Virtual servers on F5 Big IP load balancers with the same detail as Interfaces on a network device ?

      I already using the Universal poller from thwack to pull in details of whether my virtual servers are up/down etc and present me with a text table illustrating as such, which is great for a starter.

      But ideally it would be preferable if I could see this in the same sense as I see network interfaces, with green/red/blue indicators to show status, plus utilisation stats for each virtual server.

      As with Network interfaces, it would be even more ideal if I could then click on said virtual server and have the ability to setup a screen with relevent stats such as active connections, new connections etc.


      I realise some of the stats I am looking for will require me to drill into the new version v.10 F5 SNMP to setup relevent pollers, but the main point is in regards to getting orion to show the Virtual servers as live interfaces.


      Thankyou for any assistance.