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    database size


      Please help I have an sql database that has grown to 106GB. I do not have any modules loaded except the basic NPM. how do i check to see how long syslog and interface traffic is being keep for ?

      My server has only been up for about 1 month, and already the Database has grown to over 100GB



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          Open Syslog Viewer on your server. Goto Settings under File and you can adjust the slider to suit your needs.

          Interface details and retention can be edited here;


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            Here are the top 2 tables that consume most of the DB, considering you have no other modules

            1. Trapvarbinds

            2. Traps

            If you did not used it you can truncate it.

            open database manager

            run this commands

            1. truncate table TRAPS

            2. truncate table TRAPVARBINDS

            And if you received traps that you think is not that critical or important to your environment, you can use "discard messages" option

            Start -> Program Files -> Solarwinds -> Orion -> Syslog Viewer

            From this tool, Goto File -> Trap Server settings -> Alert/Filter Rules Tab  


            II. To check retention of syslog: Open Syslog Viewer>File>Setting> check the Bar where "REtain syslog Messages in the database for 7 days"

            III. To check retention of Traps: Open Trap Viewer>File>Setting> check the Bar where "Retain Trap Messages in the database for 7 days"

            IV. To check retention of interface traffic: Open System Manager>File>Orion Network Performance Monitor Settings

                                                                         (IN V9.5 higher) Open Web console> Admin> NPM Settings