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    Not Taking the backup of Juniper routers

      Hi ,


      I have a couple of Juniper J2320 routers which need to be backed up . I have configured them for the backup but unfortunately it's not taking the back up .   This routes are configured with the static user id and pwd .  bellow is the debug log's I  collected from the cat tools .


      <NEWSESSION Kiwi CatTools 3.3.4 4/3/2010 12:32:07 PM>
      <DEVICE TYPE=Juniper.Router>
      <ACTIVITY TYPE=Device.Backup.Running Config>
      <ACTIVITY SCRIPT=C:\Program Files\CatTools3\Scripts\Client.Device.Backup.Running Config.txt>
      <C OK 12:32:07 PM><R-12:32:07 PM>[13][00][13][10]INDEL-BULANDSHAR-T3-POP-J2320 (ttyp1)[13][00][13][10][13][00][13][10]login:
      WFMDRetVal=1 Waiting for: "Password:"
      WFMDRetVal=2 Waiting for: "Password required, but none set"
      WFMDRetVal=3 Waiting for: "Username:"
      WFMDBuffer="[13][00][13][10]indel-bulandshar-t3-pop-j2320 (ttyp1)[13][00][13][10][13][00][13][10]login: "


      I have properly configured the user name and password when it added to cattools

      Could you please help me to solve this problem




      Sanky Bhai