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    IPAM Dissatisfaction

      I have to say, after purchasing this product I wish I hadn't. IPAM appears and functions as a program in it's infancy and not much better than that of Beta status.

      The GUI is slow and cumbersome. Basic tasks such as selecting multiple subnets to change their properties, locations, descriptions, and scanning times is not even an option.

      Database Back-end: Whomever decided the 2+GB of records that our 300 subnet table should share space with the NPM and Netflow database files should be flogged with their own mouse. This is bad architecture and lack of forethought. Of course customer's IP database tables will be huge. And NO, they shouldn't share database structure with other components.

      DHCP Server Integrations: With the abundance of DHCP solution providers on the market, you could have chosen better than to only support "Microsoft's" systems. Seriously???

      Scanning: After scanning hundreds of subnets, we find that most entries do not contain the PC's MAC address. With out MAC's what worth is the product?

      I could go on, but I'll save myself a trip to the cardio doc. Call this a complaint, call it a suggestion, I don't care... just don't release products that are this infantile. It's painful.


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          Hi Lance--

          Thanks for your feedback and I hear your frustration. I'll email the product manager and ask him to address the issues you are having.


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            Hi Lance,

            First, as a general rule, we don't encourage the flogging of anyone. It's just not nice.  When you have a few minutes I would recommend reading some of the other posts across the thwack forums.  We strive to maintain an atmosphere of civility and respectful discourse, even in the face of criticism.  In addition, we appreciate and demand criticism so that we can improve our products for you and other customers; we just ask that you offer that criticism in a constructive manner.  Your post is a far cry from constructive.

            Second, let me address the issues you have raised in your post.  You are accurate on most points.  The product doesn't currently have the ability to do multi-edits on subnets or multi-select subnets to groups.  This is something we'd like to add in a future release, as this functionality has been requested by others as well.  Regarding DHCP support, we will be adding support for Cisco DHCP in the next release.  I understand you're using Adonis; we don't hear this much (if at all), but I'll add it to the list for future consideration.  Regarding MAC address, we get this via SNMP.  Either SNMP is disabled on the devices where this information is missing, or you don't have the right SNMP credentials.  Regarding the database, we are constantly working on improving the scalability of our solutions; thanks for the feedback.

            All of that said, we have many IPAM customers who are using the product in production today.  It's a relatively new product, and admittedly we have plenty of opportunities to improve and expand its functionality, which is why we appreciate feedback like yours (minus the flogging references).  If you choose to stick with SolarWinds, you'll quickly learn that we product managers are extremely engaged with our customers so that we build products that are pragmatic and useful.  Orion IPAM is a direct result of that level of engagement, which will only continue to improve as the product matures.


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                With respect to your desires to be constructive, you aren't the one who was told by Solarwinds sales management that if the product doesn't work for you, get over it -- 24 hours after buying a 16,000 ip license. I guess this customer is just expected to eat a sum total of money that nearly equals half his yearly maintenance.

                I have to tell you, Craig, that doesn't inspire or encourage me to renew my 6th year licenses and certainly isn't constructive to customer relations.

                Besides, it was your sales staff who recomended I take my problem to customer service and the forums.


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                    Just curious, since you have Adonis why didn't you stay with Bluecat and get Proteus?  My guess would be cost.  We have looked at both and have had numerous talks with both SW and Bluecat.  Since SWs product is new to the market we decided to wait until it matured.

                    Also, I don't think I ever bought anything based on what a sales person has told me.  Always test a product before you purchase.  IMO.


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                      Someone will be contacting you offline.  We'd definitely like to clear up and address any issues you had with the sales process.


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                      Ive been using IPAM since it release and love it!!! It's so much better than my old Excel sheets...

                      As Craig mentioned, yeah it is a new product, BUT its developing all the time! (1.7 got released today) and we as the communitity push a lot of the features (Cisco DHCP support was one of the biggies) the best thing with Solarwinds is that they listen to the community and get us involed with the product development eg Beta's and RC's. There are features that will (hopefully) be in the next release that the community has asked for and not a load of useless stuff that Solarwinds thinks we need...

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                      I also wish I hadn't purchased.

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                        Cheers to all of that, I share all of your feelings.

                        After purchasing the enterprise version, it's become pretty evident that even the limited capbilities it does have are not practically usable by an enterprise.  Perhaps somewhat usable by SMB's.

                        At least Solarwinds IPAM has value for trade in with Bluecoat or Infoblox.

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                            mark wiggans


                            We hear you. Could you elaborate on specifics of what capabilities you need or expected?

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                                Sorry for no linefeeds in this message, they are there when I edit / compose it, not sure why they do not show up in the posted final product.

                                Although the core functionality of the product seems good, the user interface is bordering on unusable.

                                I scanned my DHCP servers, I now have 865 Discovered subnets.  Most of them are duplicates of each other.  Some of them overlap with some subent I manually added.  Instead of integrating with what I already had, I now have triplicate copies of those networks.

                                I cannot find a specifici subnet with search.  (I just want to find the subnet and which group it is in -- not every single record, in triplicate).

                                The interface is slow to complete any operation.  Although web front ends are nice and easy, if it is not fast enough, a custom GUI app is a much better solution.  I have abotu 2000 subnets (a mix of imported, discovered) I need to add properties to.  The extremely slow response speed of opening each, making the chage, saving, opening the next, at which this can be done makes it an impossible task.  If I was doing 2 I can live with it, but not this on a large quantity.

                                The 150 limit on the left column makes it rather unusable.  My Excel spreadhseets have more capacity, scrolling and easier selection of sheets (subnets) than this tool.

                                Moving subnets between groups is next to impossible.  Apparently they can be dragged or dropped in that left hand column, however when I have 865 of them in Discovered and can only see 150, with such a slow itnerface to begin with, moving them becomes an exercise in tedium to the point where I don't even want to think about trying. 

                                I want to see at least an entire class C in the right pane.  100 / items page is too small.  255 is the bare minimum that should be displayed / page here.

                                Standard Windows selection methodology (ie, holding down shift, clicking the top selection ,clikcing the bottom selection to select all records in between; same with holding down control to select multiple noncontiguous records) does not work.  Each record needs to be checked individually.  Painful.  I know there is a "Select IP Range" button, that sort of works for continuous records, but this is clunkier thank what I'd expect.

                                The documentation states there is a IP Status of Available, Used, Transient, Reserved and DHCP.  I have no option to set any to DHCP to identify whicih IPs are in my DHCP scopes and which are not.  I'd expect this to be automatically determined / noted / set with the DHCP server scanning, but this is not happening.

                                This are just some things after about 2 hours of trying to work with the product and do some intial imports, and is enough to make me think going on will only be more futile.
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                                     This is all good feedback. One of the things we pride ourselves on at SolarWinds is actively listening to our community and incorporating the feedback directly into the products. Please see my "What we are working on next" post to get a better idea of what we are working on for the next release and how we use that feedback.

                                    If you're curious as to what we're working on for Orion IPAM...

                                    I have taken your post and broken it down into core issues with a response.


                                    1. Duplicate subnets
                                      • We are working on this. Some of our users depend on the ability to be able to manage overlapping address space. However, I agree, there are several other customers who experience this same issue.
                                    2. Want to be able to find specific subnets
                                      • The search is primarily based on finding a specific address and is not optimized for finding subnets. When you search for an address, you can click the specific address in the search results field to be taken to that subnet. I assume if we were managing the structure of your subnets better (no duplicate subnets), then this would not be as much of an issue. Otherwise, I will enter this as a feature request.
                                    3. Slow web interfaces is painful to use
                                      • We have tested with environments larger than yours and not had many issues with a slow web interface. There could be other issues affecting this and I recommend you open a support case. If we had a feature to bulk modify subnet properties, would that alleviate your specific pain there?
                                    4. The left pane column is limited to displaying 150 child items.
                                      • We are considering increasing this limit in the next release.
                                    5. You would like a more efficient way to organize your subnet hierarchy
                                      • We have had several other users mention this issue as well. We are looking at options for making this easier (including the shift select). In the mean time, when you bulk add subnets, you can specify the subnet be moved to the smallest appropriate subnet.
                                    6. How do you use the DHCP option indicated in the documentation?
                                      • When you are in the Manage Subnets view and have selected a specific subnet, you can change the filter to show All, Available, Transient, Used, Reserved, or DHCP Managed. This filter button is next to the Add IP Range button.