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    Troubleshooting Backup errors


      I just started using CatTools to backup configs our Cisco switches and although I have things working properly for the most part, it seems that with every nightly run of my backup job, there are several devices that report login errors for some reason.  And for some odd reason, it's not the same devices each time that report the problem.  The AAA username and password is the same for all devices in question so I cannot figure out what's going on.

      The errors reported are:

      "Did not receive expected response to VTY password."

      "Specified Username is invalid for device."

      Any suggestions?


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          Hi John--

          It sounds like you should open a support ticket, but I'll mark it for the PM to chime in on as well.


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            Hi John - did you end up opening a support ticket ?


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              Hi John,

              If you didn't go the support route can you create a device capture for me I will look into the file to see if I can spot the problem. A device capture file records the communication between CatTools and the device you are having trouble with. You can create a device capture file as follows :

              # Use the CatTools File menu to select the "Enable capture mode" option.
              # Run the activity you are having trouble with. This should create a debug file in the \Debug folder.
              # Zip up the resulting file and post it as an attachment.
              # Remember to deselect the "enable capture mode" option again.

              If you can include the relevant section of the infolog also that would be useful.


              Please ensure that you *** out any sensative information.