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    Checksum Failure Message During Profiler Installation


      When installing a Profiler Agent or the Profiler Server this error occurs:
      Calculating Checksum for Image: Invalid
      Install Image is Corrupt, checksum failure!

      Typical Solution:

      The issue usually occurs when you transfer the install file to the Linux server using FTP and do not use binary mode when transferring. Whether you are using a GUI or the CLI, you must be in binary mode before FTPing the file. If you are using the CLI, simply type  binary at the FTP prompt. Typically, the way to tell that you did not use binary mode is that the install file sizes will be different.

      If you have Internet access, you can also try downloading the file directly to the Linux server by using the wget command as shown below:

      wget –user=<user> --password=<password> http://<site>/<filename>


      Thanks Chris Tanner of SW support for the info.