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    Toggling between Prod/stage/Test?


      I have a request from a group that would allow them to toggle between test/stage/production groups of server nodes.

      My first idea was to create separate views for each group (test/stage/prod) ... say a APM details view for test that has limitations defined for a set of test serverrs.... a APM details view for Dev with a limitation defined for a set of dev servers....   then I would put URL link on top of their menu bar that they could click.

      Well that idea did not work.  The URL reference needs a network object defined.

      Anyone have ideas on how this might be accomplished? 

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          Just hit the submit on my post and figured it out.... Since the detail's views are subsets of the summary... I just added limitations to those views that contains all server nodes for test/stage/production.

          I have four Application Summary views... 1. all their nodes, 2. Summary for Test, 3. Summary for Stage, 4. Summary for Production. 

          WHen they log in they get the summary for all, clicking on the menu item "Test" brings them to the test summary, then when they drill down into details it works because the details has all their nodes in its limitations.

          Now I get to save face with the application manager who I said "not-a-problem sure I can do that!" ;-)