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    Polling Interface Sample Data - 5 Minutes Intervals

      Hi all,

      Running into a bit of an issue with a small project and wanted to get some feedback from the community.  We currently use NPM to monitor all interfaces and nodes on our backbone network.  I need to be able to pull the actual sample data for any given interface for a full month.  This is typically very easy via the "View Chart Data" or "View Chart Data in Excel" options on the NPM website.  However, if I try to select 5 minute samples for anything greater that 7 days, NPM tells me "Too many Samples" and will not pull the data.  Is there any way around this limitation that someone can recommend?  If SQL is the way to go, I'd love a sample configuration for a Report if you have one.  Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

      Derek Sperry

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          Derek, I was looking at my interface reports to see if I could replicat the problem you're having. I seem to be seeing something a little different though. When I select a Time Period of "Last 3 Months", the smallest Sample Interval option that I have in the drop-down box is "Every Hour". I don't even have the option to select 5 minutes. Maybe were using different version of NPM.

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            Hey Guys,


            I am having same issue, I need 5 minute samples for a month period but so far I just get that granurality for 7 days period, have you resolved your issue? Any ideas?

            Is there any expert that can help?




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                You need to adjust your database retention settings if you need to keep more granularity.  By default I believe it is set to 7 days for detailed.  Be aware that this could cause large database sizes depending on the number of elements you are polling.


                To change this go to settings, polling settings, then the Database retention settings.  Note that once you change this you will have to wait until SW collects additional data prior to running your report.  I would use this with caution like I said as this could seriously hinder performance of your database.

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                    I am not sure if this fits here and I am fairly new to the the Orion. I am trying to get min/max response time charts at 5 minute intervals up to 3 months back on a consistant basis. I have found that the further back I go beyond around 57 days, I have to start increasing the intervals until I finally am at 1 sample in a 24 hours period. For measuring and tracking Performance Comparisons for device moves (before and after) this makes it nearly impossible. Is there any kind or work around for this issue or is it just what it is?


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                        That's how Orion currently has set up with its database- it will at set interverals aggregate and combine data points to reduce the number of entries, then finally deleting it after a year or so. Ex: after 1 days, it may take the 90 sec datapoints and combine them into 30 min statistics. Then after 7 days, it'll become hourly data, etc. This is (mostly) set on the polling settings page for NPM. Other data points, such as NTA, are kept seperatedly and have their own settings.

                        You can set it up for bigger, but will get warnings regarding table size and such.