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    DHCP Snooping


      With all the talk recently from Solarwinds researching the possibility of implementing support for Cisco's integrated DHCP server it got me thinking. To be fair I don't run a lot of Cisco's integrated DHCP servers in my environment, but I do manage a Cisco network. So I was wondering, instead of/or in addition to implementing support for Cisco's integrated DHCP services, why not take a closer look at DHCP snooping? 

      DHCP snooping, which is supported by every Cisco Catalyst L3 switch tracks MAC-address, to IP address, to physical interface mappings by watching the DHCP conversation between the client and issuing DHCP server.

      Some of the information that can be gathered from DHCP snooping via SNMP include

      Client MAC Address
      Client IP Address
      Lease Time
      VLAN ID
      Physical Interface


      By leveraging Cisco's DHCP snooping, Solarwinds IPAM could support any DHCP server the customer might have by leveraging the IP address information from the switches themselves, instead of the DHCP server. 

      That's just my $0.02