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    can not connect to server

      I am trying to connect to a windows 2008 SP 2 server to moinitor windows perfomance counters.

      I get a response from the ping test but when I attempt to connect to wmi it fails with error : Unable to connect to the remote device; rtt: 6922ms

      I also have a windows 2008 32 bit server set up exactly the same and this works fine.

      I have run the WMIADAP /f command (as well as with other switches) but this does not help. There are also no entries in the event logs on the server.

      Any Ideas?



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          Have you seen this: SolarWinds WMI Troubleshooting Guide?

          I would first have a look at that.  Typically though, if you are being rejected because you don't have rights or some permission related issue, you will find a DCOM error in the Windows events, but you said you aren't seeing that.?.

          Are you running a firewall or AV software that could be blocking the ports that WMI/DCOM communicates on?  Try shutting those off.

          Are the Orion server and the server being monitored in the same domain, outside a domain, etc?

          Also, I will tell you that we ran into a very similar issue recently with a 2008 SBS server.  The server was a DC and one of the applied patches had disabled the Remote Registry Service, we believe.  We also had problems when we moved the server out of the domain.  The local certificate store was possibly modified during the domain add/remove but when we recreated the credentials and the service was started again, everything worked fine after that. 

          Hopefully, that will give some options to look at to get you to resolution.    

          Thank you,
          Jason Henson
          Loop1 Systems