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      Hi All,

      I see on the Orion NPM demo page that a Custom Resource showing open helpdesk tickets.  It states that this is embedded as an external website.  I see in the admin manual how to embed a URL and have it appear as a listed item in the menu view but I dont' see in the admin guide how to have a URL appear in a resource as has been done on the demo site.

      I tried adding in Miscellaneous Resources - User Links but clearly that isn't what they've done on the demo page.  Any idea what I'm missing here?


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          From the looks of it, it looks like an embedded iframe.

          Format: <iframe src="https://google.co.uk" width=650 height=900 id=myFrame></iframe>

          Obviously replace google with a url that represents the data you are trying to expose. Add this to a User HTML Resource