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    Total Down Time

      Good afternoon, Community of Solarwinds users and administrators.

      I am looking for a report that I would bet has been written many times before.  I have checked the forums and haven't quite found what I was looking for or if I have found something close it ends up being an abondoned thread.

      What I am looking for is a report that will tell me the total downtime of a Node over a month.  Actually, it won't be a Node, it'll be a System, which is a Custom Property that I have created.

      A system is a heading for many Nodes.  For example, I have a department (custom property) called "Telecommunications" and then under that there are "Systems", like "edge switches" or "core switches" and then inside the "system" are the actual Nodes.

      I need the sum of all Node downtimes in a system from Date X to Date Y in minutes.  This can include multiple occurrences which means that if 10 switches are down for an hour it means 10 hours.

      Wow... as I write this it seems more and more complex.

      Simple yet affective.

      Thanks in advance, everyone!