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    Setting Tags on Devices

      I would like to identify which city and building my devices are in. Tags seem like a good way to do this, but I cannot figure out how to mass edit device tags, vs. monitor tags. Can it be done?

      I am running 9.0.6. Is v10 better in this regard?

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          Hello Scott,

          At this time it is not possible to mass-edit Devices in any way but it is currently on our feature request list (TT 2215 for internal folks).  Having that said, you would need to add the tags manually for each Device.

          As a better solution, why not using ipMonitor's grouping capabilities to sort your Devices based on location?  Under "My Network" you can create a group for each City and within each of those groups you can create groups for each office or department.  Once this is done, simply select a group and click "Add Existing Devices".  Select the Devices that belong to that location and click Continue.

          The other way you can enter a location is by opening the properties for the Device and populating the "Location" field.

          Hopefully this helps.


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              Thank you for the response Chris. I was hoping to use Tags, as they seem more flexible when combined with smart folders and alerts. I think using regular folders is the way to go at this point, as I do not relish editing each device that I have (~150). 

              I look forward to the mass editing of devices in the new version!