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    HP MSL 4048 Tape Libraries


      Does anyone have any experience at monitoring HP MSL4048 Tape Libraries within NPM ?

      At the moment we are using HP Command View but would like to get this information into 1 central location ie Orion NPM.

      Within HP command view i have set the SNMP community name but for some reason i cannot get NPM to recognise it when it's polled. If i look under traps it seems to be using the community name "public" instead of the one i have entered in NPM and Command View. If i change NPM to use "public" instead of our normal community name (leaving the "correct" community name in HP command view)  it works, but ideally i'd like all devices using the same name.

      Also does anyone have a UNDP for an HP MSL4048 to save be browsing for the correct OIDs ?

      Many Thanks,