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    Monitoring memory "CPU and Memory Utilization" versus using Volumes


      I am configuring SolarWinds for the first time and wanted to know the pros/cons of the different methods to monitor memory on Windows servers.  

      There seems to be two ways to monitor memory, first using the "CPU and Memory Utilization" resource and secondly by adding Physical and/or Virtual memory as a volume.

      I wanted to find out how most of you are configuring this, are you guys monitoring memory both ways?  What are the benefits or issues with using one way over another.  How does it impact alerting when there are issues?  If you chose to monitor by volume do you use both or maybe just monitor physical memory? 

      One advantage to choosing one over the other is simply price, if you are close to your limit for monitoring volumes you could un-check physical and virtual memory as a volume and free up 2 per server.