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    Orion versus Argent


      We currently use both NMP and Argent. With a view to dropping Argent, has NMP got the capabilities equal to Argent or indeed better. FTR - Argent can monitor services, API calls (beneath IP) restart services, trend analysis, monitor performances, CPU, disk space etc etc.

      Many Thanks

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          Orion NPM can do Disk, CPU, and Memory.  For more application level monitoring you will need to get the Orion APM module for your NPM system.  The best way to tell if Orion is going to meet you needs is to install it and compare it side-by-side with your current system.

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            I have used Argent before and i didnt care for it too much. The interface is a bit clunky and non-intuitive. It does do a bunch of the same stuff that Solarwinds does. But i prefer SolarWinds because it is intuitive and easy to customize in many different ways...

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              If you already have a fairly recent version of NPM or if you're on maintenance you could upgrade to 9.5.1 and test everything you need to before dropping Argent.  I think you'll find it easy getting help here when you run into problems.