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    European power - 230Volt showing as 120Volts.


      Hello everyone!

      I want to monitor the correct value of the current power consumption status.
      I'm using an APC AP7920 - Switched Rack PDU.

      In the Orion Universal Device Poller i entered the OID (

      It reads 120Volt, but we are working whit 230Volts so this is a wrong value.
      Due the fact that we get this value, the Wattage is calculated wrong to. So now it shows half of the wattage it suppose to show. So seems that i need to get the right OID for DevicePower_VA to.

      Is there an MIB or OID for European power standards? or do i have to convert this value to get the right readings.
      I prefer the right OID. But at the and of the day it has to be right.

      Thanks allot!