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    Bulk rename nodes and add or update custom propertys


      I have about 3000 of nodes, I need to rename every one and add info to our custom property´s, then here are my method:


      1. Create an excel spreed sheet with all your info like this (the IP address going to be our Key Field):

                           IP  StateSiteS_IDNodeKindPhoneSection and Cream CoGA23867 Router 1 CCR11002392    USA

      2. Create an empty database in SQL (database name Y)

      3. Then import our excel spreed sheet to new database with Task -> Import Data...  Follow the wizard and create the table HOLA

      4. Run this script (it going to update the NPM database with our imported info)

      UPDATE [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[Nodes]
      FROM [Y].[dbo].[NoNNN] HOLA

      WHERE HOLA.[IP] = [NetPerfMon].[dbo].[Nodes].[IP_Address]

      With this method I can update all my custom info and node names in seconds ;-)