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    Online practice papers.

      Hi Guys,

      Apologies if this information is elsewhere,  but I haven't been able to find it per say....  Are there any online practice papers I can leverage for giving me an insight into the styles of Questions and types of questions for the SCP paper?

      Mines due in a couple of weeks and whilst I feel I'm comfortable with a large part of the subject area,  some of it is a little subjective so it's hard to be 100% confident.

      Also with my Cisco Certs I found online practice papers invaluable in my overall exam prep and wondered if there was an equivalent for the Solarwinds cert so I can see which areas I'm still short in.

      I appreciate that you can have multiple attempts at the exam, but I'd like to pass first time :)

      Thanks in advance for taking time to read my question and answer :D

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          You can find sample questions in thePreparation Guide for the SCP exam.  The guide lists all of the objectives for each exam section, along with direct links to the videos, and sample questions for each section.

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              Hello :)

              Thank you for the link,  I've been using the Exam prep guide as a tickbox of sorts as I've been going through the study subjects,  watching webinars,  fiddling with Orion etc...

              The example questions are certainly handy as a vague guideline of the kinds of things that'll be asked but they're not really a substitute for a Mock Exam..

              The joy of the Cisco exams I've been practicing is as well as getting a flavour for number of questions vs time and the styles of questions (sims, drag and drops, etc) it also gives me feedback that if I fluff up questions on a particular topic, i know tomorrow's catchup revision will focus more in that particular area.

              Based on the guide,  all are the questions just multichoice or are there live config demos or simlets and the like?