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    Two Ip's under one note.


      First of all, Hello to the Thwack community!

      This is my first post, so i hope that all went well and I'm in the right section.

      My question...

      I have multiple notebooks in my network witch have 2 separate IP's for LAN and WIFI.
      Devices will have automatic DHCP from the router but once connected the devices will keep that IP address for more than a month.

      So lets say the LAN NIC has IP, and on the WIFI it gets the IP

      I don't want to go in to the router and give every device static IP's..
      Is there a way to give one note multiple IP's.

      If so, how?
      And can you monitor when the device changes the from NIC ?


      P.S. I'm on Orion NPM 9.1 if that matters..

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          Hi there,

          Just so I can clarify,   are the Wifi and the LAN's connected to seperate network segments or the same network segment?
          In theory you can control your DHCP scope via the MAC or VLAN or similar functions to ensure they get seperate address scopes but you'll have to make sure the route table in your laptop stacks properly as multiple gateways or route overlap will mean the device can't reach what it needs to.

          From there you  should be able to pickup the IP's on a poll by the ifindex generated by SNMP (should be a seperate value per Nic)

          Depending how often you do repeat polls, assuming the index persists when the DHCP changes (which it should) you should be able to track your IP space that way?   The poller will just collect the information on the index OID so assuming your laptops have all NIC's in the community everytime the NMS repolls, it will pickup the current address for that index?

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              Hi Battinski,

              I don't use VLAN's and the DHCP is automatically given by the router.
              All the computers are on the same subnet so every ip is 192.168.0/24
              Its no domain but a workgroup if that matters.. guess not..

              I did a MIB walk to check all the available MIB's, there were a lot of MIB's available so have to look again properly to look for MIB's whit the right name of the NIC and wifi chip.

              But since we are dealing whit a lot of different types of laptops this would not be the easiest way to do this. I mean, i have to do each separate.

              Lets put it in this way, when a server got 4 NIC's and so 4 different IP's you want to bundle these all in to one NOTE in Orion NPM.. So im guessing there is an easy way to do this.. 

              But for now you helped allot.. i will check in to it and report back when it make sense.
              Thank you!