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    NPM integratioin requests



      just some suggestions I have since I started using the NPM -NCM integration a couple of weeks ago.

      I already posted the config compare resource for the NPM Node details page feature request to a previous post.

      These are ordered on a scale of importance with the first being by far the most important to us.

      - Ability to link from a node details page in NPM directly to the corresponding node details page in NCM (At least until all the other NCM resources can be added to an NPM node details page) 

      - Facilitating users to enter and edit their NCM credentials without giving them the capability to edit resource view settings globally.

      - Ability to  edit add/remove tabs on on the NCM home page. i.e Inventory, compliance, NCM   Home etc.

      - Inclusion of the NCM search that is normally part of the NCM stand-alone site.