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    Updating MIBS.cfg



      I just downloaded the latest MIBS.cfg file from the Solarwinds website and was about to replace the existing file in C:\Program Files\Solarwinds\Common when I noticed that the file size was way different... my current MIBS.cfg is 518MB... the new one is 275MB.  Just curious as to why the huge reduction in size... don't want to lose any info.  Does anyone know anything about this?


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          The database size changed within the last few weeks.


          This was due to duplicates being removed.


          You will not lose any information or Functionality with the reduced MIB Size.

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              One observation from our installation...


              We noticed that one of the MIBs we use and have written alert rules to capture traps is no longer in the database.  I opened a case to get the MIB added again to the database.  We incorrectly thought Orion was not sending emails for our alerts.


              Other may see this as well.

              Happy Monitoring!!