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    Is there a way to modify the list view in Network Atlas?


      The upgrade seems to have tweaked what shows on the list view of my network map.  If I hover over the the dot, it shows the node name (because I added the node name variable).  The problem I have now is, the list view doesn't show me what node the interface is for...


      This is how the list view looks currently underneath the map

      Serial0/3/0 - CircuitID:xxxxxframeRelayUp
      Serial0/3/0 · CircuitID:xxxxxframeRelayUp

      The problem I have is, when I have 50 interfaces on the map, I have to hover over the one that is red to see what node it is that is having a problem, rather than being able to glance at the list below the map to instantly see what node the interface belongs to.  Is there anyway to modify what shows in the list view?  I don't want to have to go back and add every node to the map just to see it in the list view.