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    NetFlow Not What I Expected


      I have a Cisco 6509 running 12.2(17r)S2 that I've got NetFlow set up on.  This switch is our router so it has a lot of MSFC type interfaces on it.  The only netflow data that I'm getting is from the MSFC interfaces and nothing from anything else?  How do I get the switch interfaces to send NetFlow Data.  Here is the config I have on switch.  What am I doing wrong?

      ip flow ingress layer2-switched vlan 7,10,15,21,41,55,59,101,105,110,115,121,144,149,163,165,170-171,176,179,189,195,201,203,205,207,216-217,223,228-229,254,259,275,297,301,392-394,401,491,495,501,511,535,545,554,601,611,686,695,701,801-812,814,816-818,901,903,910,913,915,919,925,929,931,935,955,957,963,971,981,990-991,997
      mls aging fast time 8 threshold 127
      mls aging normal 128
      mls flow ip full
      mls nde sender
      no mls acl tcam share-global
      mls ip multicast flow-stat-timer 9
      mls cef error action freeze

      ip flow-export source Vlan59
      ip flow-export destination xx.xx.xx.xx 2055