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    Advanced Alert - First one!

      Hi All -

      I am creating my first advanced alert, yaaay! 

      I taking it in baby steps, but here's what I'm trying to do:

      1) monitor volume utilization for my servers

      2) if a volume reaches above 90% it kicks out an alert that states something like this:
          <ServerName> C:\ @ <VolumePercentUsed>


      However, there is no variable that only gives me the drive letter, its gives me all this other mumbo-jumbo that I really don't need like serial number.

      I'm trying to SQL to get the first 3 letters of the ${Caption} variable but its not working:

      ${SQL:select substring(Caption,0,3)}


      Here is my Trigger Condition:

      Node Name is equal to *

      field Volume Description is equal to value *

      Volume Percent Used is greater than 90%

      What do you guys think?  Is this doing what I think its doing?  And do you have the SQL statement that will only get me the first 3 characters of the Caption column in the Volumes table?  I don't need the serial number.

      Thanks in advance!  I'm a novice so be gentle :)

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          First make sure you have selected 'Volume' as the 'Type of Property to Monitor' under the 'Trigger Condition' tab.  If you leave it as type of 'Node' it won't use the volume table for the email message body.

          To get the ServerName and Drive letter use the ${Volumes.Fullname} in your message body.  This will show you something similar to:

          Servername-C:\ Label Serial in your email message.

          Use the variable ${Volumes.VolumePercentUsed} to display the total percent used of the drive.

          Your trigger should only have:  'Volume Percent Used is greater than or equal to 90'. 

          This will cover all nodes within your NPM installation, if you want to have different percentage used for other nodes, create a custom property and place a new percentage against each node where it is ok to go over the 90% threshold, suppress the normal range alert using that custom property and create a new alert that covers only those nodes with the expanded threshold.

          Hope that helps.

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              Margolis, thanks for the reply.

              The variables for the drive letter I've seen spits out a lot of information I do not want, like the serial number.  I am trying to parse this information to give me the drive letter only (first 3 letters), that's the only thing useful to me.

              I will make sure the volume is the property that I'm going to be monitoring.  I think for the first part of my monitor statement, I used the Node property, then switched to the volumes property.  I thought that was how it supposed to be done.

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              I think this is what you are after...

              ${SQL:Select Substring ('${Caption}',1,3)  AS Caption}

              This will return something like this; D:\ instead of this; D:\ VOL1  40d943fb

              Is this what you are looking for??