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    When I make a custom tab, it changes the native home view as well.

      I am trying to make a home page that is individualized by the log in. I created a custom menu bar, and am trying to add a view similar to the native home view, but with different fields.

      I clicked on ADD to create a new tab. In the dialog box I entered:

      Data Systems Home


      Home view for the Data Systems group


      I get a page identical to the native home view, however if I modify the page from there, it changes the native home view even though the URL on the native home is http://stnmsweb/Orion/SummaryView.aspx?viewid=1

      I tried different naming, with the same result.

      What am I missing here please?

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          It really unclear to me what you did...but Have you tried to go to account manager edit the account you are using  and change Menu Bar,  Home Page View, and Default Summary View? it is under Default Menu Bar and Views

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              Not adding a default menu bar to a user. I understand this portion. Rather I am making a new screen, not in the default tabs.

              I am making a page similar to the home view as listed in the tabs when creating or editing a menu-bar.

              The new page would be a custom page with pre-defined elements (such as a different map from the stock home view).

              When you click on Admin->Customize Menu Bar->Edit <under new menu bar I have created->+add<under the Available Items. This is to make a new "tab" on the menu bar that is a custom page.

              The documentation I could find said that in the URL portion of the dialog box to use '/Orion/SummaryView.aspx?viewname=<name of view>'.


              When I do this I get a page that is identical to the stock "Home" page which has a URL of /Orion/SummeryView.aspx?viewid=1

              From what I understand, I should get a new view as the URL is defined as first the ASP module (SummeryView.aspx) and then the name variable (viewname=<name>). Since the new page has a different URL I should be able to make modifications (adding and removing items, different maps, etc.).

              However when I do so, whatever changes to the new summery view page I make also ends up changing the default stock "home" page as well. In other words the (viewname=<name>) is the same web page as the (SummeryView.aspx?viewid=1) page.

              I wonder if I am missing something, like a different .asp  module or such is used. The documentation on this feature is very sparse, so I have no documentation I can reference, other than page 53 on the NPM PDF "OrionAdministratorGuide" which states:

              6. If you want to add a custom menu item, complete the following steps:
              a. Click Edit under the menu bar to which you are adding the custom item.
              b. Click Add.
              c. Provide the Name, URL, and Description of your custom menu item.
              d. If you want the menu option to open in a new window, check Open in a New Window.
              e. Click OK.