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    External Process Return Value

      When an external process monitor fails all we get is "The return value does not match the expected value." In some cases, the return value has some meaning. Can you please also include the actual return value instead of just saying it didn't match.

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          Hi Adrian--

          I've marked this for the PM to review.


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            Hi Adrian - thank you for the feedback! We hear you and we're tracking this one for a future release. For internal users it's TT#65. 


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              Hi - this message is good news as it means you are up and running. what you have to do now is create a new monitor with the expected return value of 1. make sure the process or application is running on the server.

              i changed my Notification control to:

              Accumulative failures to 1

              Max alerts to 1

              my alert then went to green as the application was running. do not force test on the monitor you have to just sit and let it reach it's 100% status and then all will work in almost real time.

              make sure your startup directory is where you put your script i.e. c\script (thi sis on the server holding monitor not the server you are monitoring.