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    Creating Alerts


      I'm having lots of trouble figuring out how to create custom alerts.  Specifically, I've created a UnDP and want to create an alert if a negative response is received from the poller.  How do you do that?  No where in the alert creation drop downs do I see my poller (or any poller) for that matter to select it.

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          Also is there a tutorial on creating Trap alerts?  Same problem as above.

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            On the trigger condition tab for the alert, there is a selection box that allows you to choose the type of property the alert applies to.  You will need to select custom node poller or custom interface poller for UnDP alerts.

            Trap alerts are created through the Trap Viewer app instead of System Manager.

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                sedmo is right on.  When you are building a new alert in the Advanced Alert manager (available from the Windows Start menu), you will see a drop down menu on the Trigger Conditions tab.  Define this as a node UnDP poller or interface UnDP poller.  This opens up the options when you click on the asterisk to define properties around the Pollers you've built. 

                To build custom SNMP Trap alerts, you will generate these from the SNMP Trap Viewer, again available from the Windows Start menu on the server).  When you have the interface open, look for an icon at the top of the page for 'Alerts, Filters, Rules".  When you launch this, you need to be on the Rules tab.  Rules are alerts.  Basically you are defining rules so that when the criteria defined matches what is received, Orion takes the action defined on the Actions tab.  Check out page 208 of the Orion NPM Admin Guide

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