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    Kiwi CatTools Failed to enter enable mode for Cisco FWSM and ASA

      I'm backing up about 15 Cisco devices using Kiwi CatTools.  It's working perfectly for all of them except the two Firewall Services Modules (FWSM) and the two ASAs.  I get the warning "Failed to enter enable mode" in the Info Log.  I've verified, though, that I can login to the devices successfully from the server that runs CatTools.

      I'm using the following settings:

      Connect via: Direct connect

      Method: SSH2

      Port: 22

      AAA Username

      AAA Password

      Initial login requires username/password

      Enable mode uses AAA username/password fields


      These settings work for the other devices but not the FWSM and ASA.  Any suggestions?