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    NTA Data compression - adjusting CollapseTrigger2 and CollapseTrigger3

      I'm looking to maintain the 15 minute and hourly levels of granularity for longer periods of time. Storage isn't an issue and reports will rarely be run on these longer periods but when they are having data at the 15 minute and hourly level rather than daily will make a huge difference to us.

      Is it feasible to adjust the CollapseTrigger2InHours and CollapseTrigger3InDays settings to push out the roll-up of data. Ideally I'd like 15 minute data for 48 hours and hourly for 4 or 5 days.

      There is some discussion How Orion NTA Data Compression Works about changing these settings but was wondering if there are any risks other than storage/ performance.

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          Yes, that's feasible.   You'll definitely want to watch the storage/performance aspects of this change, but you can always revert back if necessary.

          Before you make the change, I'd recommend setting Top Talker Optimization to capture only the top 95% of traffic.   This will dramatically reduce your data storage requirements.  We're actually setting this by default in new installations, but for existing installations we're respecting your existing configuration.