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    NPM Account Access Logs



      Is there a way to view the access records for a particular Orion user? I need to be able to show when different users have logged on or off, and if possible what changes, if any, have been made. We are using NPM 9.5.1.

      I am hoping there will be a log file somewhere which will give me some or all of this information.

      Any help would be much appriciated.



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          I'm not aware of a log that shows what changes an Orion user has made.  You can get the last login date from the database.  It's a one line SQL query if you want a report that show the last login time.  In report writer, create a new report and select Advanced SQL as the report type.  Enter the following line in the box on the SQL tab:

          select AccountID, LastLogin from accounts order by AccountID

          Keep in mind this is just the last login time, it won't tell you when (or if) the user logged out. 

          The only other thing I can think you might look at would be the IIS logs for the Orion web site.  I haven't worked with IIS logs much, so I'm not sure how much useful information you'll find in there.