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    Not Getting Events from Cisco 6500


      This morning, we had a firewall services module fail in one of our 6500 switches.  Orion, didn't get a single event from it.  Nothing.  I get events from this switch for interface ups/downs but that seems to be about it.  Here is the SNMP config on the switch.  I'm running NPM 9.5 SP4.

      In addition to the event, I would like to set up an email alert for this as well.  Any configuration help there would be greatly appreciated.

      Anyone have suggestions?

      snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkdown linkup coldstart warmstart
      snmp-server enable traps chassis
      snmp-server enable traps module
      snmp-server enable traps vtp
      snmp-server enable traps entity
      snmp-server enable traps bridge newroot topologychange
      snmp-server enable traps envmon fan shutdown supply temperature status
      snmp-server enable traps c6kxbar swbus
      snmp-server enable traps config
      snmp-server enable traps bgp

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          I got beat down by this just the other day....
          events do NOT EQUAL traps.
          events are a list of things Orion sees that puts on events page.

          you want to look at the traps page.  go in and edit your menu bar and add traps to your menu.

          this is where you will see SNMP traps and you will need to RDP to the orion box and go into snmp trap viewer to set up alerts on SNMP traps.  that is not done in typical alerts area.


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