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    Orion NPM with VMware and Dynamips

      Hi guys, i have currently configured a frame relay lab in dynamips consisting of two routers, a frame relay switch and two clouds to which i have connected two vmware virtual machines (one at either end).

      I now want to monitor the traffic between them using NPM, i understand this works via SNMP so that will need to be configured on both routers.

      Once this is done will i then be able to use the netflow configurator?

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          When you say you want to monitor the traffic between them, are you primarily interested in bandwidth monitoring or are you trying to perform traffic analysis (i.e. what protocols, top applications, etc.).

          If the latter, you'll need to install the Orion NetFlow Traffic Analyzer module on your Orion server and configure your routers to export NetFlow information to your Orion server.    NetFlow Configurator may help you get NetFlow set up to export to your Orion server, assuming your routers support configuring NetFlow via SNMP set commands.   If not, you'll need to configure NetFlow export manually on each router.