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    Windows Event Forwarder

      Hi all, trying to find the windows event forwarder download, however cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know the location?
      Thank you!!! 

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          Its in the customer portal... I've also added a good one to content exchange here that is free, constantly updated and will let you forward to two syslog servers...

          Eventlog to Syslog Service for Windows

          Eventlog to Syslog v4.1

          Release 4.1

          Last revised January 20, 2010


          This program is written in C and provides a method of sending Windows Eventlog events to a syslog server. It works with the new Windows Events service found in Vista and Server 2008 and can be compiled for both 32 and 64-bit environments. Both compiled binaries are here for download.  Designed to keep up with very busy servers, it is fast, light, and efficient. The program is designed to run as a windows service.


          Changes in v4.0:

          § Added ability to ignore specific events

          § Added a status file for monitoring service operation

          § Added event’s timestamp to outgoing messages

          § Added compatibility with the Vista/Server 2008 Windows Events service

          § Added ability to send to two Syslog servers simultaneously

          § Fixed a possible memory exception with bad message definitions

          § Fixed a bug where utility would not search all message files

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            You could also use the native windows tool 'evntwin' to send events in the form of a trap to Orion and then alert on the trap. Nothing additional to install(it's already there waiting to be used) and it works real good. I prefer this to installing something else on a server.