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    LinkedIn Forum


      Received this e-mail yesterday and wondered if it was anything to do with Solarwinds or some other 3rd Party?

      Why have a forum outside of Thwack?

      Who else has received one of these mails?




      From: Thomas Hoyle

      Date: 3/10/2010

      Subject: You are invited to join the SolarWinds Certified Professionals group on LinkedIn

      Thomas Hoyle wrote:

      As an accomplished network professional with the SCP credential, I'd like to personally invite you to join the SolarWinds Certified Professionals group at Linked In. This group is limited to SCPs only, and a great resource to discuss topics with other accomplished professionals.


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          Hi Jon-  Totally legit.  Tom is the program manager for the SCP program here at SolarWinds. 




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            As Dawn stated, the Linked In group is legit.  I created it to provide a way for SCPs to connect using Linked In's professional networking tools.  It's not really a forum, like thwack, but is a professional network tool to grow a personal network of contacts. 

            I thought it would be usefull for SCPs to be able to identify other SCPs for networking purposes.