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    Send a Daily Email of all Active Alerts?

      Hi All,

      I haven't been able to locate an answer to to this from browsing the forums.

      How can you send a daily email alert or report at a specified time with all the current triggered active alerts?

      Thanks for your assistance. 

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          Two ways I can see you doing this, both involve using the Scheduled Task tool.  You can create a custom report (There might already be a built in custom report) or create a special view that only shows all currently triggered alerts and then use the scheduler to email the view or custom report daily.

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              Thanks for the response. Both of your suggestions would work but aren't perfect for my situation.


              I have a tech who is exceptionally bad at performing system health checks and wanted to keep on spamming them with all their relevant active alerts until they are resolved. By using the scheduler they will receive email alerts even if they have nothing that needs to be actioned. Better than nothing though so I think this is what I'm going to have to settle on.


              Thanks again.

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              I would recommend using MS SQL Reporting Services, sourcing from the Orion SQL database and scheduling report delivery using 'Subscriptions' (basically just SQL schedule jobs but with a nicer UI).  We've found Reporting Services to be a very effective supplement to Orion graphing/charting/reporting.

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                Lesk, I believe this will do what you are asking and you dont have to know SQL if you use my query. Native SolarWinds tools can handle this well...

                Create an Advanced SQL report in Report Writer.

                Paste the query below into the report under the SQL tab. This will build your basic report with the current active alerts. Save your report and make it available from the Orion Website. 

                SELECT AlertStatus.TriggerTimeStamp AS AlertTime, AlertStatus.ObjectName AS NodeName, AlertDefinitions.AlertName AS AlertName, AlertStatus.ObjectType AS ObjectType
                FROM AlertStatus, AlertDefinitions
                Where AlertStatus.AlertDefID = AlertDefinitions.AlertDefID
                Order by 1 ASC

                Once done with creating the report, open Orion Report Scheduler and schedule the report to be sent to your recipients every day at your specified time. Orion Report Scheduler can send a link to the web version of the report or it can email the report in the body of the email, your choice...

                Since you will be using Report Writer to write your report, you can also customize it some with the grouping options if you like.

                Once you are all setup your emailed report will look something like this;

                Anyway, hope this helps...