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    Unmanaged Nodes Alerting about a reboot after the server is set to Remanage Mode.


      When a node is set to unmanage and is rebooted before its remanaged, will alert that the Node was rebooted when the Node is set back to Remanage.

      For example:

      A server is set to Unmanage at 10:30 PM and was rebooted at 10:45 PM and was put to remange at 11 PM.

      ORION will send an alert at 11 PM that the node was rebooted at 10:45 PM.

      This will make the NOC to alert the servers team to see what happened. This is happening with us when we unmanage a large number of servers and work on them and remanage.

      Our request is to make sure ORION will not alert when the server was rebooted when it was in the Unmanage mode.