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    NPM Not detecting Recieve and Transmit Bandwitdh correctly for ADSL Circuits


      Hi All,

      I've just noticed something wierd with our implementation of Orion NPM 9.5.1, in that the software is not detecting the transmit and recieve bandwidth values correctly for ADSL Interfaces on devices.

      To illustrate we have many routers with an MPLS primary link (with both transmit and recieve bandwidth being synchronous), and an ADSL backup link where typically the recieve bandwidth will be 2mb/s and transmit will be 256kb/s.

      When the device is discovered by NPM it has in all instances detected the MPLS interface bandwidths correctly, however with all the ADSL interfaces it has set both transmit and recieve to the lower of the two values (256kb/s in this case).

      Is this the expected behaviour or is there a bit of a glitch here? I'm not sure what NPM uses to detect the interface bandwidth, but it doesn't look like it's working it out correctly where the transmit and recieve bandwidths differ. 

      It's not a particular problem to manually change the bandwidth parameters via SQL / Web Interface, etc  but can be a bit time consuming checking everything over and it's never nice to see an alert telling you an interface is at 400% utilisation!