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    NTA Adds NetFlow Sources but sources are not NetFlow Exporters


      Wondering if anyone else has experienced an issue in NTA 3.6 with devices being added as NetFlow sources, but NetFlow export has not been configured on the device in question.  I started noticing a few times a week, or particularly following a re-boot of the server that some devices showed up as never having exported NetFlow Data in the NetFlow Sources list.  When I checked the device's configuration, it was not configured to send NetFlow to Orion, but was a managed device in NPM.  Initially I figured that someone had removed the NetFlow export config from the router, but that is definitely not the case.  I also noticed that some devices simply refuse to be removed from the NetFlow sources list, and keep coming back.  I have verified the IP's are correct, and I'm not dealing with a duplicate IP somewhere. 

      I have opened a case- #146861, but thought I would see if anyone else noticed the behavior.