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    Microsoft windows monitor on servers

      I have been noticing when i add new devices they all want to add a monitor called "Microsoft windows" Does anybody knwo what this actuall monitors.Once i add the monitor i will then notice it goes yellow and red sometimes and gives the error message.

      "The threshold rate of the Context Switches counter has been exceeded, indicating a large number of CPU switches between threads."

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          Hello Orkest,

          The Windows Monitor is a generic Monitor which verifies the following Performance Counter values against a Windows system:

          -Disk Read Bytes per Second   
          -Disk Write Bytes per Second   
          -Pages per Second   
          -Page File Percentage Used   
          -Process Queue Length   
          -Context Switches   
          -Number of Processes

          You have the option of enabling/disabling some of the performance counters as desired.

          If you do not want these Monitors and wish to prevent Network Scan from creating it, simply remove it from the SmartMonitor settings when running the Full network discovery.

          If you have any additional questiond, please don't be shy.


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