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    Polling  Engine help! It can't keep up


      I tried messing with the polls per second several times, but I can never get the thing to be able to always be caught up. I am short of 5k elements but statistic and status polls always fall behind. Is there a way to stagger the times of the devices so this lessens or is there something I can do????


      Engine  Status  Polling Engine  ActiveType of  Polling EnginePrimaryPolling Engine  VersionEngine Version 9.5.1 - SolarWinds Orion  Network Performance Monitor v9.5.1IP  Address
      Last  Restart3/5/2010 12:23:22 PMLast Database  Sync6 seconds agoLast  Fail-Over3/5/2010 12:24 PMElements4934Network Node  Elements238Interface  Elements4684Volume  Elements12Date Time3/5/2010 12:32:23 PMPausedFalseICMP Status  Polling Index4934 out of 4934SNMP Status  Polling Index4331 out of 4934ICMP Status  Polls per second0SNMP Status  Polls per second300Max Status  Polls Per Second300DNS  Outstanding0ICMP  Outstanding3SNMP  Outstanding900ICMP Statistic  Polling Index9821 out of 9821SNMP Statistic  Polling Index3018 out of 9821ICMP Statistic  Polls per second1SNMP Statistic  Polls per second149.5Max Statistic  Polls Per Second225