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    Trap Var's Question



      Is the ability to send the trap detials in an email in the beta?  If so, is there anything out there to help set it up?

      Here's what I'm looking at:

      sysUpTime:= 88 days 5 hours 57 minutes 8.26 seconds (762462826)
      snmpTrapOID:= CISCO-ISDN-MIB:ciscoIsdnMibTraps.2 (
      demandNbrLogIf.29.19:= 52
      demandNbrName.29.19:= (DeviceName)
      demandNbrAddress.29.19:= (DeviceNumber)
      demandNbrLastDuration.29.19:= 1698
      demandNbrClearReason.29.19:= Normal call clearing
      demandNbrClearCode.29.19:= 0x10
      demandNbrCallOrigin.29.19:= originate(1) (1)

      What I'm interested in is the "demandNbrName" and a couple other options.  The problem is that this one happens to show demandNbrName.29.19 and the next shows demandNbrName.20.10.  Those are the only ones that I've seen traps from so far but I'm planning on doing some testing.   

      I'd like to be able test it if its part of the beta.