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    Netflow direction change in Interface Details

      I saw a different thread that talked about not being able to set the default flow direction in viewing the Netflow Interface Details with the fix of changing it manually by hitting the down arrow.

      My issue is, how can I change the direction in the Top XX Conversations and Top XX Applications resource when viewed in the standard Interface Details page?  There is no drop down option and the Edit button does not give an option for flow direction.  So what I have is an interface showing 99% Tx on a T1 and my netflow data is sitting at 50kbps because it's only showing Ingress flow.  Would be really nice to be able to change the time interval on those as well as they are stuck at 30 minutes with no way to adjust as far as I can tell.

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

      I do love the feature to allow the display in bit rate, that is a great addition.  Now I am eagerly awaiting the ability to alarm on netflow bit rates as well.

      Thanks, Jay