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    Auto-populate a map / map object?

      Can I create an object on a map that represents a group of nodes with the same custom property?

      i.e. for my World map, there is a single object that represents all nodes with the Custom Property "Site Location" = London

      The specific reason for requiring this is so I can auto-populate all the servers for a site and have them as a separate map object to the network devices like switches and routers.


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          Are you on 9.5?  What you can do is create a new map for London and in Network Atlas in the group by drop down change to Site Location and drag those nodes for London onto a new map and arrange them as you desire.  You can then associate or drag that new map onto the world map and user can drill down to that from there.

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              Hi Bshop,

              Is that the only solution? It won't automatically update when I give more nodes the 'London' custom property, and it'll mean I'll need to duplicate two maps for each site, one for network devices, and then one for servers (which then sits as an object on the network devices map).

              There's no way to create an object which aggregates the status of all the nodes with a particular property?